Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where, oh where...

does the time go?  Let's see if I can list some of the ways I've been spending my time recently.  Since we (meaning Honey) decided that we needed to lay down the sod immediately (in 100 degree weather), we've spent many early early mornings and evenings hand watering the lawn (about 3 hours a day). And trust me... you get a lot of thinking time when you water the lawn for that long but your painting and typing time somehow reduces significantly.  Luckily, we got our new sprinkler system put in.  So while my watering days aren't completely over, they are certainly reduced.

What else have we been doing?  Well, we've gotten new windows put in to the front part of the house, we've unpacked about a gazillion (yes, that's a lot) of boxes, I've decided where things will go and then moved them around a couple dozen times, I've been up to the Boston and Maine, I've painted the guest room bed frame (with bookshelves and armoire still to go), and we hosted our niece for a week.

So many details to share about all of these things, but I will focus on my trip to a local water park with my niece.  Let me start and end by saying there is a reason you don't see adults on big water rides at water parks.  And... it's not because they are scared.

It's because zipping down a water slide is not anywhere near as much fun when you are afraid you may flash the teenage lifeguard with a sight that will either cause him/her to go blind or scar them for life.  You also get quite a pounding on the thighs if they have a little less elasticity than they used to and/or if they are slightly bigger than they used to be.  Not that I learned these lessons myself the hard way or there is a young made in North East Dallas still walking around still saying "Why me?" or anything...  Just speculating what could happen to someone else.

Moving on...

I continue to post my Cannon SureShot photos and look forward to the day when I'll look back and cringe.  Kind of like when people post pictures of me from high school with some big 'ol hair on social media sites.  You know who you are people...

The difference now is that I'm proactively cringing.  In high school, I thought big hair was hot to trot, and it would only come to me in later years that my use of aerosole hair spray was probably responsible for a hole in the ozone layer about a mile wide.  Oh, and the hair on my head was never intended to stand up vertically for long stretches of time.

Now, we really are moving on...

A dear family friend requested that I paint a set of chest of drawers and their king size headboard.  Today is a view of the chest of drawers which I painted with Annie Sloan Old White as the base coat and Arles on top.  If the color varies in picture to picture, you'll just have to trust that it's my photography skills and not my painting skills.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.  It's hot as all get out, so the windows are up and the air is on high!


    Wow - beautiful job - and have to get myself a tin of ARLES - I haven't tried this color yet - thanks for sharing

  2. I really really like this color!

  3. Pretty! I want to try that color so badly - picked up a similar sample color to try first! LOVE it!
    Stacey of Embracing Change
    p.s. - I have my linky party up and running if you would like to come by and share this beauty!

  4. This turned out SO pretty! I haven't tried this color yet either, so it's always inspiring to see how people paint pieces of furniture. Thanks for linking up at MMS.

  5. What a lovely color combination! You did a great job.

  6. So pretty!
    I love everything about this dresser.
    I'm vivisting from Miss mustard seed FFF and now following you,would be great if you can follow back:)


  7. Gorgeous! What a striking colour and a beautiful job!

    Deborah :)


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